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Pushkar Camel Fair


Rajasthan is a truly state spacious variation of its culture- with various types of religion, music, dance, food, living-culture, tradition, local-ism, customs and fair & festivals. Rajasthan has rich culture and historical, traditional that attractions of thousands of local and foreigner tourists. If we are talking religious places Rajasthan has many holy places and one of the most religious place in India. There are Many Temples , Churches , Dargahs and Jain Temple in Rajashthan Tourism. However, Pushkar is an anicient and holy city in Rajasthan which is popular in world for its Camel Fair begins on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi, which falls in the month of October and November and goes on for five day till Kartika Full Moon. 
Things to do in Pushkar The Pushkar Lake, The Lord Brahma Temple, Savitri Temple and Camel Fair Desert which campus camel fair falls into the ground. There is 52 Ghats around the Pushkar Lake where pilgrims take bath and dip on the holy water of lake and absolves their sins on holy water.
Pushkar Camel Fair is one of the most delightful and marvelous event in Rajasthan which is celebrated every in the starting of winter season. This Fair fills for Five days. Pushkar Fair is a mega events for camel owners comes to pushkar city and take part for selling activity of own cattle and camels. This Fair is symbol to a cattle fair, a large scale of business of cattle such as camels, horses, sheep, cows, goats and more take places during the five days. In this fair various animals and cattle are traded but this fair is especially popular for Camels. In the day of fair camels are washed clean and decorated with various clothes to form of interesting patterns and decorated with silver bells and bangles. With almost 40000 camels exchanged, this thing made this fair epic and arguably the world’s largest Camel Fair.
On this Day when Pushkar Camel Fair is starting, it is also a holy event for Hindu Pilgrims to unite a holy bath dip on Holy Pushkar Lake and also visit The Lord Brahma’s Temple which is only one temple in the whole World. Let’s talk about Pushkar’s Local market is very festive for its unique and epic things. Keep at least one day for shopping in Pushkar as there is a huge and different variety of products available at affordable prices. Here in market it’s all like things like embroidered clothes, groovy materials, rose and leather goods, decorative pieces such as miniatures, colored puppets and wall hanging, the market has it all. Pushkar is also famous for its handcrafts goods, rose goods, different embroidery clothes and jewelry and many more things. 
If you plan for visit Pushkar Camel Fair just go on your PC and search for your accommodation and stay because the time of fair you will not get and find any hotel and accommodation. So query here and advance book your hotel, car and all services what would you want. India Tour By Car and Driver and Incredible Rural India is our official website go there and advance your booking with here. Would you like to give a chance to you marvelous hospitality during on The Pushkar Camel Fair and get the advantage and offers with us. We are customizing tour itineraries as customers and clients’ demands and choices.