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Fatehpur Sikri Tour & Travel Guide

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Fatehpur Sikri is situated 40 kms away from Agra is a world heritage site. Mughal Dynasty has ruled over Sikri for a long time and adorned this place with beautiful monuments. For almost 15 years it was the capital of Mughal Empire under the leadership of Akbar. The best time to visit this marvelous place is between November to February when the climatic conditions makes this place more adorable with pink winters.

It has the highest gate way known as Buland Darwaza which is 54 mt. high. Apart from that it has Rang Mahal, Dewan-e-Aam, Panch Mahal and Tomb of SalimChisti which reflects the peak of architectural mastery of local artisans.

From the top story of Panch Mahal one can enjoy picturesque view of the beautiful city of Fatehpur Sikri.

Palace of JodhaBai, BirbalBhawan and KarwanSaraireflects exceptional combination of Mughal and Persian architecture.